Mid-winter and after all the rain we’ve received, the ground will be even more saturated come tomorrow, with snow forecast. Thank goodness we cultivate land on a slight slope.

We are still harvesting cabbages, cavolo nero kale, both green and red brussels sprouts, while kalette stalks have been left in the ground to provide spring greens.

Unfortunately as Gary has said, rabbits are tucking into the leeks as well as the celeriac, so these need harvesting. It looks like many plots will need to be covered with fleece this year as the plots of autumn sown and now shooting, garlic and onions, feature rabbit droppings scattered over the protective fleece.

The strawberry patches are looking good after careful, time-consuming weeding and strawing.

There are new shoots on the rhubarb; beautiful splashes of green and red.

Trenches have been dug by the autumn fruiting raspberries to suppress weeds.

Compost maintenance continues, heavy work but so necessary. Most of the patches have been manured prior to rotovation.

Within the polys, parsley and broad beans are making progress (with some holes in the leaves), while salad leaves and spring onions are peeping through the soil.

We’re so looking forward to when we can all meet together and to warmer weather, though the seasons are to be appreciated.


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