31st March

A beautiful, warm day, to be enjoyed before the forecasted much cooler temperatures.

The site is looking good in preparation for this year’s crops, the photos showing beds rotovated, permanent residents in the herb patch, rhubarb developing well since last month’s photo and blackcurrant bushes in flower.

The autumn fruiting raspberry patch has been weeded and new shoots are appearing.

The autumn planted garlic and onions are progressing under their rabbit deterrent covering of enviromesh and the strawberry beds have been weeded and strawed.

We are creating comfrey beds, not only for the bees but to add to our bins of liquid fertiliser.

Seeds sown at home are now being planted – outside, hispi cabbage; in a polytunnel, lettuce and spinach.

The broad beans in one poly are in flower and the flat leaf parsley and self-seeded shungiku are flourishing.

During lockdown, we have been communicating through emails, phone and as Gary has said, through zoom, spreadsheets and a whiteboard of “jobs to do”.


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