Midwinter on the Farm

It was a cold but glorious January day. There were 3 of us, in a bubble, but very aware of COVID. Diss Community Farm is doing well, although we all miss coming at the same time, and our lovely coffee and cake breaks. We have regular Zoom meetings, and keep up to date using an online spreadsheet, and a white board in the caravan.

Today’s harvest was quite small: broccoli, leeks (which we are sharing with the rabbits) and a last stalk of brussels sprouts.

Mostly, we are getting ready for planting. The photo shows one of our no-dig beds, where we are putting a thick layer of compost, so the new plants will have just that to grow in.

The sunset was stunning!


1 thought on “Midwinter on the Farm

  1. Good to read & see that you are soldiering on, albeit with small groups and NO CAKE !!. Guessing the spreadsheet came from Chris? Good to see nodig is continuing. Over here Anja and I are pressing on with our attempt at a 100% organic and nodig allotment and greenhouse. Please pass on our love and best wishes to all that we enjoyed cake with and we hope you are all staying healthy.


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