Farm Work Day February 2nd

There was a very full turnout at the field today. We began by seeing how many DCF members fit into a small caravan – answer about 12. Frances handed out some very good cheese scones and chocolate brownies and hot drinks. We had snow, sleet, rain and sunshine but all with a bitter wind.

After some minor controversy over courgettes (zucchini to some) we settled on the range of crops for next year based on Chris Ls survey of members wishes but there is plenty of space on site for those who would like to do something extra, probably in the garden plots behind the caravan which we are taking over this year.

Under Gabbis direction we decided on the area to be cultivated this year and marked it out with canes. The planting areas will be plotted and finalised at our next meeting. Mr Mitchell will plough the rest and we will seed it with clover and rye grass to keep down the weeds and maintain the fertility.

The field is still producing and celeriac, leeks, cabbages, broccoli and sprouts were harvested.

A guesstimate of £35.00 per member contribution for the coming year was arrived at. Good value for a years veg!


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