The Year Ahead for DCF

Life on the field at Winfarthing in 2012 was a learning experience and a tough one for the dedicated helpers. We saw and felt for real the challenges that the weather will throw at those who grow our food for us. We also battled with the harvesting and distribution problems of a veg box scheme run by a limited number of volunteers.

For 2013 we will continue veg growing at Winfarthing on an allotment model where a share of the produce will depend upon a consistent and fair contribution to the work needed to grow and care for it. A growing group has assembled and is making plans for what to grow and how much of the field to bring into production in readiness for the new season which is almost upon us.

The Co Ordinating group is meeting to re focus our basic aim and develop other activitites such as: a food hub, group buying schemes, seed sharing, permaculture, education and social activities.

Much to do!


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