A Big Thanks

As usual I’ve collected my veg share today, and enjoyed washing & preparing it all ready to eat and store…I just wanted to say a big thank you to to all the helpers and volunteers for the fabulous work they’ve done and the great veg shares that we get each week…well done to all.  You’ve made a great success of the whole pilot project and I for one thoroughly enjoy the weekly veg share.  Whilst all the veg was together on my draining boards it all looked so lovely that I took a photo…so thought I’d send it with this thank you note.
Carol Kirkup
Thanks for your kind words Carol I know all the volunteers who help out in the field, at the collection point and in the core team will appreciate their efforts being recognised, and in turn we’d like to thank you for all your wonderful work on the newsletter.
If there are any other members who want to give us feedback we’d love to hear that too 🙂

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