Did you come to our shared meal and general meeting?

Last Sunday evening about 25 members met at Roydon Village Hall for a shared meal and general meeting. As always with these ‘bring-food-to-share’ events, the food was wonderful, as people pulled out the stops with their cooking creativity.  Much was based on produce from the Farm.

There was a brief general meeting before the meal, at which we gave our appreciation to all those who have been working so hard to make the Farm run, and to David Mitchell, who has contributed not just the land, but lots of his own work.

We discussed plans for the future, especially now that we have a field of our own. For next season, we will be expanding our membership to 80, and encouraged everyone to help find new members, especially, but not only, people who would be willing to help with the work of the farm (on the land, organising events, etc.)

We also voted to extend the constitution, which was originally adopted only for the pilot projects. We will produce a new one before the new season begins.

If you want to read the minutes, they are attached below.

16-10-11 General Meeting -minutes


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