Open Day: good fun, mixed weather

Rain? Gales? Pah! It takes more than that to put a hardened community farmer off! On a weekend which saw other events cancelled at the drop of a hat we decided to be terribly British, put on our anoraks and get on with it.

Our fortitude paid off and the rain clouds scudded overhead without worrying us too much, there was even sunshine at one point which meant we could venture out of the rain tents and enjoy a Pimms and some cake (personal highlight for me, the lemon curd, marscapone and summer fruit sponge. Yummy)

I think most of us took the opportunity to have a look around Gabbi’s veg patch and admire how productive it’s looking, although the neighbouring field which has been ear-marked for expansion looks dauntingly huge!

Later in the afternoon, a game of girls versus boys rounders was instigated but had to be abandoned when the heavens opened and commenced the only real downpour of the afternoon. We took shelter in the music tent only for Kris, David, Thomas and Felix to strike up their version of ‘Why Does it Always Rain on Me?’ tres witty ….

A metaphorical ray of sunshine fell on Penelope Lister who won Il Divo restaurant vouchers – Congratulations Penelope, hope you enjoy your meal!

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2 thoughts on “Open Day: good fun, mixed weather

  1. Hi guys, popped up on Sunday to have a look at what you’ve been doing – very impressive! The new field does indeed look daunting but we’re sure you’ll do well!


  2. Oi! We didn’t cancel ‘at the drop of a hat’, thank you!! It was a hard-to-take decision, and we were right because it rained without pause most of Saturday. Glad you had some breaks in your weather, we’ve got everything crossed for our re-scheduled date, Sept 3rd.


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