Project Piggy

The livestock pilot project has moved on apace and is now tantilisingly close to becoming a reality. The land we were previously offered on Darrow Lane has, unfortunately, fallen through but we’ve secured an alternative agreement to house pigs on the small woodland behind Tesco. Plans are in hand to build a pig ark, get fencing erected, register ourselves with Defra and organise the guard geese.

Yes, guard geese.

The only downside of this plot of land is it’s historical use by local teens for nefarious activities I don’t wish to dwell too deeply upon. Persuading them to move on hasn’t been easy and we know they have no compunction with regard to stealing hens and their housing. The landowner has therefore agreed to re-enforce the fencing and, hopefully, a small flock of bitey geese will fortify the barricades.

We’re currently a relatively small group, potentially with a big work load, so if anyone wishes to join us, please let us know. There will be a financial outlay of some description but we haven’t worked out the details yet. We are attending the Cream Tea on 10th April (it’s now confirmed we will definitely be doing a presentation) so come and talk pork with us.


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