Disscover:Diss Food & Drink Festival, farmers’ market

Thank you to everyone who stopped to talk to us yesterday at our stall on the farmers’ market. Several of our members were on hand to explain our purpose of growing together and sharing the results.



Produce harvested this week was in display to underline the benefits – and all for around £1.50 per week that we pay for seeds etc, plus a few hours of your time. Certainly less time than would be necessary if you were to take on your own allotment, judging by the comparison that we were able to make with seasoned allotment holders. Well worth considering if you have limits on the time you can dedicate to growing.

We met a number of people who seemed to be attracted to our mission, and hopefully some will be sufficiently interested to follow up with a visit to see us at Winfarthing.

Our thanks go to the festival organisers for the opportunity to take part


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