Site Update 14th May

Jobs done since 7th May
• Planted Hispi cabbage seedlings through mypex and covered with enviromesh
• Prepared seed beds for more turnip & swede sowings
• Sowed more carrots for succession
• Removed outer blades from rotovator and rotovated between rows of strawberries in area C16-E17
• Removed spent broccoli plants to compost
• Rotovated area C22-E22 for planting of brassicas
• Continued weeding of onions, garlic and Broad Beans
• Strimmed weeds around poly and path near caravan

• Plant remaining Hispi cabbage seedlings in Polytunnel 1
• Clear straw from area A17-B17 and rotovate for salad leaves
• Erect poles for Runner and French Beans
• Sow more turnip and swede seeds in area C21-E21
• Sow leek seeds in prepared area C9-E9
• Rotovate area C23-E23 for planting of brassicas
• Plant expected Kale seedlings through mypex in area C22-E22
• Continue strimming dandelions, nettles and other weeds before they form seed heads
• Prepare for erection of new polytunnel frame

• Broccoli tips
• Lettuce
• Salad leaves
• Chard
• Spinach

• Hydration of crops, particularly in polytunnels


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