The Farm is looking good!

In its current incarnation as a shared allotment, the Diss Community Farm field in Winfarthing is in very good shape at present.

A small, but growing group of us have been working their through the winter, and we’ve even got some harvests! (Some leeks and spinach today.)  We are up to about 15 members now, all of whom work regularly on the field, and are open to taking a few more, up to about 20.

We’ve reduced the land we’re working on, and planted a green manure on the rest.  We’ve been building compost bins, fixing up the fences, clearing up from last year’s crops. It’s all looking very tidy, and planting for this season is well under way. Our main work days are Thursday mornings, and also the third Saturday of the month.

Here are some pictures taken today and last week.

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