Land Ahoy!

Wonderful news we have successfully secured at auction a piece of land in Roydon, and here it is:

A farm member, who wishes to remain anonymous, has generously purchased it for the Diss Community Farm’s use.  As you can see from the map the land is easily accessed from Snow Street in Roydon.  The 3.6 acre field has been used for a hay meadow for a long time, and is mostly surrounded by trees which will give added protection to crops.  We are thrilled to have a site that is nearer to Diss as this will enable more people to come and get involved without needing a car.

We are not planning to up sticks, we will still be working the site in Winfarthing that we have generously been given use of for at least the following year as it will be sometime before we are ready to grow veg on the Roydon site.  Once the new site has been made secure with adequate fencing livestock could be reared there as part of the preparation for vegetables.

So I just want to express our thanks to David Mitchell who has enabled us to get started and for his ongoing support and enthusiasm for what we are doing, and now thanks to our anonymous benefactor for enabling us to expand further and bring part of the project to Diss.  We have much to celebrate at the shared meal on October 16th, look forward to seeing you all there.


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