It’s August already.

We’re still having to socially distance and a strong wind has uprooted at least a third of our runner bean crop – but the photos prove successful plants growing and cropping.

Two weeks later

We’re now meeting twice a week to permit social distancing of smaller numbers (yesterday there were seven of us and it’s a large area), plus frequent trips are made to the site to ensure the crops receive adequate hydration.

So, fortunately, crops are producing well.

Holly took photos, to document and amuse and I took a couple of our take-home box. The turnip measured 21 cm across and weighed in at 1.07 kg.


A beautiful day but with a chill wind.

Salad leaves continue to thrive under cover, although repairs are having to be made to polytunnel plastic, especially as wood pigeons delight in perching on the top central bar, with the result of claw holes in the plastic.

Weeding continues all year round and grass growing well, needs mowing.

Compost also requires attention throughout the year, while patches are rotovated and manure added to other ground.

Feb 13th

2020. A new year with new challenges.

One storm has passed, thank goodness with the minimal damage of mypex sheets being blown about but these patches can be covered again before weeds take hold.

A group of us turned out yesterday and carried out structural repairs and I think our stalwart weeder completed the mammoth task of weeding the strawberry bed.

Under cover, we’ve had several pickings of salad leaves already this year.

The spinach seedlings have been very slow to germinate so more seeds were sown today to fill the gaps. However, the broad bean plants are looking good and healthy and outdoors the leeks, which had a very shaky start last year, are producing a really good crop.


Five weeks later

It’s nearing the cooler months, but much has been done over the past weeks.

Many hands make for quicker planting of garlic and onions.

Under cover, chilli peppers have been removed.

Freshly laid manure has been broken up.

Grass still requires occasional mowing,

and the box to take home continues to contain good produce.