The First Veg Crop!

As you have probably already noticed by the lack of space in your fridge, the first veg shares were distributed last Thursday. Members enjoyed spinach, lettuce and kale, picked fresh at the Winfarthing site that morning. Diss Town Council’s newest member Jay Hurley was the first to arrive (pictured) and peddled off happy with her goodies, she’s apparently keen to try the kale as she’s never had it before (where have you been Jay?!) so the recipe cards given with each veg share should prove useful in her house.

I think we can all agree that Gabbi deserves a huge amount of thanks for pulling off such a lush harvest so early in the season, my allotments certainly can’t compete at the moment!

David Mitchell, the landowner at Winfarthing, has very kindly agreed for us to not only continue our use of his land, but to expand further so we have a startling amount of space available to us. Gabbi has started planting winter crops so we’ll hopefully be able to continue well into 2012.  The Vegetable Pilot certainly has a lot to smile about so far!


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