Grant Success!

The Livestock Project are pleased, no, make that ecstatic to announce that we have been given a grant by Saffron Housing Trust which covers all of our start up costs. This means we can buy the fencing we so desperately need to stop the pigs straying into Tesco car park (no matter how entertaining some of us think that might be) as well as their houses, straw etc so Project Piggy is now officially Go!

The Livestock team made a start yesterday with a 3 hour heavy lifting session. We took over Tesco car park (hello to any of the bemused passers by we saw) with a small lorry, laboriously unloaded an estimated 100 pallets and walked them over the bridge to the woods (apologies to the numerous walkers we held up) where we stacked them ready for fence building. Watch this space for a fence building work day.

Now that we have a firm start date of 30th June, payments for Meatshares can begin. Leeanne has e-mailed all members with details of how to set them up. If you’re reading this and haven’t yet signed up for a meatshare, please do so quickly! We can accommodate extra pigs but obviously, once the piglets are bought the numbers of shares will be final.


1 thought on “Grant Success!

  1. Very many huge thanks to Claire & Andrew for bringing over the pallets (and the godsend of two pallet trolleys), and to the team of “shifters” ie: Jenny, Tracy, Leeanne, me and my partner Phil. We all thought it would take about an hour tops…wrong…it turned into a 3 hour workout. To receive the news of the grant success at the end of the day was a fabulous boost. Onwards and upwards piggy project! Cheers all – Carol


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