Food Hub Meeting

For those who may not know, the Food Hub is the part of DCF which is hoping to offer Farm members a variety of food from local suppliers in addition to produce we grow ourselves. As well as DCF members, Karen Nerthercott from Samphire and Mariam Meiracker from the Health Food Shop in Diss attended.

The first item on the agenda was the type of food that should be offered by the Hub. It was decided that the wider DCF membership should be canvassed on April 10th for their opinions.

The Group also discussed the potential impact of DCF on local food businesses as we clearly want to foster positive relations locally. Further research will be carried out with existing CSAs to see how they have tackled this problem.

The exact form of the Hub, ie, which suppliers we would do business with and how their wares will be distributed was discussed but no firm conclusions have yet been reached. Ange has suggested including more local food producers at the planning stage will help to ensure a model is reached that works for both DCF and the producers.

A full copy of the Hub minutes are available on the Diss Food Community page.


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