First Full Communications Team Meeting

One of the functions of this blog is to keep everyone working on, or interested in, DCF updated with how our work is progressing. With this in mind, I’m hoping to publish a summary of each group meeting as it takes place. This should enable Groups to see what everyone else is working on, prevent duplicated work, identify where they need to work together and where they impact on each other.

The Communications team met at Claire Appleby’s house last week. Here’s a whistlestop tour of our discussions:

  • We’re hoping to come up with a logo for the Farm. Patrick’s working on some ideas at the moment but input from anyone else who’s interested would be welcome, there’ll be a more detailed post about that in the near future.
  • We feel some work is needed on the blog such as working up a more formal mission statement, adding a few useful features etc We’re going to write up our ideas and hopefully discuss them with the Core Team.
  • We’ve done a small amount of work on promoting the Cream Tea but the tight timescale meant we were limited in what we could do.
  • Thoughts are being organised around producing a newsletter. Carol Kirkup is happy to sponsor initial, smallscale production in return for advertising for her B&B business. Other businesses in the group may wish to do the same.

A full copy of the minutes is available on the ‘Diss Community Farm’ section of this website.


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