Livestock Pilot Project – Darrow Lane, Roydon

Following the recent article in the Diss Express I was contacted by Mr Van Zyl (Vanny), regarding some land.  He lives in Mellis but owns a field that is just under 3 acres off Darrow Lane in Roydon.  Follow the link to view field.  Google Map Gabbi and I visited the site to see how it might be used.

It’s good land that is mostly down to grass, with a fair amount of brambles around the edges.  The location is great, it’s just behind the row of bungalows on Snow Street, with the entrance on Darrow Lane.  We don’t feel that it’s suitable for using for a veg growing project this year as it needs cultivating, there is no water and a large number of rabbits have taken up residents there! (Bunny pie anyone?) There isn’t enough time to get it ready for planting this Spring, however it’s a consideration for the future.

Are there any members that would like to get together to look into using this land to rear some animals this year?  Things to consider – fencing, water, frequent visits to feed, water and check on animals, transporting animals, butchering.  You would need to have the time to commit to ensuring a high standard of welfare for the animals.

Vanny is not looking for large amounts of rents, he’s just keen to see the land in use.  If anyone is interested in taking up this great opportunity then email me (ange)  Unfortunately I don’t have the time to head this up, so I would be looking for one of our members to do that.


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